What’s going on?!

So right now I’m working editing the manuscript which I should wake up earlier since I barely have time. I was planning on editing it last night like I planned but I fell asleep with my work clothes on. Woke up at 6:25 am for some reason and started working on my classes for college. Fall semester is approaching and I can feel the aggravation approaching. I also have to worry about my license but I’m putting all my focus on my writing and my job so yeah… Juggling both I’m also thinking about working out. I lost weight from barely eating cause I work all day at a restaurant hint: RedLobster (I don’t go on break but I do stuff down biscuit 😁)

The losing weight part isn’t that bad I weighted at 220, now I’m 209.5. I lost the fat because I can still lift the same if not more. So I try to find the balance to working out in the gym or at home, my license, school, eating, editing The GCP, and this blog along with Wattpad. I was thinking about Instagram and I was going to wait until I get adjusted before I move into another platform. But if your wondering how I’m juggling everything then I’m doing horribly okay:)

Now I have some short stories saved up if your looking for a highschool romance, end of the world action, personal family, or a vampire-infected-human world drama comment which ones  and I’ll post on Watt Pad 

Now I’m tired me and Teddy here will be sleeping. 


The Last Hope

Okay so here’s a thing you didn’t know about me, I’m a writer. No surprise there I know. But to be more specific I’m a future novelist. I was planning to make a brand new series after The GCP (book I’m editing atm) but in the publishing world you need credentials. So I decided that if I was going to give The GCP a chance to being published I have to sacrifice one of my stories and put it out there on Wattpad so I could gain a loyal support base. So before I go any further I think I should tell what The Last Hope is. The Last Hope is based on a world where Humans are slaves to Vampires and a decaying species to the infected. Humans are a vital importance to The infected (smart zombies) and the Vampires. No you won’t be expecting human-vampire love and no you won’t be expecting werewolves. I decided to mix it up. The infected aren’t dead brain zombies. There  former humans who turned. And now they work together to hunt humans down. I should be uploading the first or two chapters on Wattpad. I love the story and I think you will but give it a shot and read it. You can find me on Wattpad at frantzlife and feel free to follow me. 

Now back to editing The GCP!!! (The greatest novel I’ve created)

P.S a better description of the story is on Wattpad

Lots of things Considering

I don’t know whether if I should start a new blog. I don’t know if I should even continue. I don’t know if putting my stories on Wattpad is the way to go or saving them for publication. I don’t know about my fourth class I should be adding for college. I don’t know if I should start on my short story to put on Wattpad or use an old story first. I don’t know… I don’t know where to start or continue editing my manuscript before August 11. I don’t if I should asleep right now. I don’t know if I should present myself to an agent without having enough credentials. I don’t know just a lot of things going through my mind; just a lot of things considering.