Ok so I’m back. I can tell you a lot has happened. So right now I’m in my spring semester at William Paterson University. I don’t know if you know but I transferred to out of Union county college. My grades are good. I also bought my first car by myself with cash. It’s the reason I’ve been busy. Been through a relationship that made me grow as a person. Planning on making it a story but alittle different. Speaking of stories… The GCP. My first editorial draft is due March 7 so as you can imagine I’m busy trying to meet that deadline.

But a lot has changed. I’ve grown as a human, learned to manage my time, lead a lot about myself, gotten alittle further in my manuscript, and met new people.



Okay so where have I been for the past months. I’ve been working full time at my job, no that’s an understatement. I’ve been working overtime at my job. I now go to William Paterson University so I’m working hard at school. And to top it off I’m done with The GCP my first official manuscript. 2017 is the year people. Now The GCP is a 81,000 YA book. A few days ago I found a professional editor, he’s interested in my story. I don’t know any other editor; so I don’t know if I’m limiting myself or if he’s the one. But I feel like he would understand. So I’m just deciding if he’s the one because after all I am putting money into this.

Semester over!!!

Hello everyone  with the semester being over means more time on writing. Now I’ve been working hard trying to juggle school work and doing my passion. I was at UCC and worked super hard so I can transfer to a college. I got accepted to William Paterson University. I’m thinking about forming or not. I’m leaning towards the commuting side to save enough money to get a car. With the semester being over I’ll have more time to put out stories on Wattpad. I plan on finishing up the life of James and the last hope and finally my masterpiece “The GCP”. I would like to show you my manuscript and hopefully take a picture of my new college.

Story on Wattpad 

So I’m going to make this short. I’ve been thinking of ways how to write the Last Hope and it just seem impossible to write for some reason when I already envisioned it. Maybe I have to change my point of view so that’s what I’m going to try. But I couldn’t keep stalling any longer so I wrote a short story and decided to make it longer and special. This story is called “The Life of James”. It’s dedicated to a girl name Ayana who had multiple Sclerosis I grew attracted to. Made this story for her but she never knew I never thought of posting it but I am now. It new to me because I added new scenes and the writing is better. So please check it out on Wattpad and just search my “Frantzlife” or my full name but frantz life should appear. In that note this is the cover to that story!

Late Nights and Early mornings

So now that I am awake my mind is reminding me of the things that need to be done. I went to sleep late last night enjoying texting my friend around 1 or 2 am and didn’t realize I went to sleep while texting. I woke up early now I’m contemplating on querying new agents today. After fours years of this book I finally found some mistakes I wished I saw this before sending out a sample of my work. I believe this will be my final revision then I’ll send it out before 4 pm today. I got work later on tonight at RedLobster. Why that job? Why aren’t I interning at some literary House? Well because I don’t have time as a college student and when your kids need your attention you don’t go off helping other kids (book wise I don’t actually have kids). The GCP is close to perfection (in my eyes) and one of these days I will tell you how it is working at RedLobster on route 22, I won’t rant because it’s not like me to do that but I’ll let you know. The semester is almost over which means my full attention goes to writing. And I know I’m going all over the place with post but I don’t want to get into full detail On everything because it’ll take forever I’m just going to start posting more frequently. So I have advice for you. When you write a book and your on the prewriting stage please please please really get into detail on finding information and doing a background check. I need you to be exactly like a reporter or someone doing a documentary, find all possible or extra information regarding your topic. This will strengthen your book and make your story more believable and your character. Two days ago I was editing The GCP and it wasn’t till I called a school to find out the population of the graduating senior class was 8 and that this particular city has no dinners. You see I just assume that there was a large graduating class and a dinner because in my life every city I been to had these things. So lesson for today don’t “assume” because you make an ASS out of U and ME. You see what I did there assume and Ass U and ME. It’s assume all together and it correlates. I know I’m corny. Seen it on TV. But never assume and do the extensive research needed to bring the best out of your manuscript. I also have a surprise I’m going to be honest, I never got to getting to the Last Hope story. It’s difficult making this first paragraph for some odd reason but it’s going to be epic once completed. The surprise is the cover I made for it. I have several but I’m going to show you four. Tell me what you think.

It’s been awhile for me

I finally finished MY final editing to my novel to come to The GCP. I don’t what to really to do. I have a few options left. This is only temporary. I wanna show the world my work or a few but I ultimately want to change something the world or one’s opinion. I know I’m rambling but… I’m on this journey to doing something that’s a goal of mine. And on this road I’ve seen some never really come through when I needed them too. To know how important it is to read my story and not do it… they don’t really take it serious. But it’s expected. I first went and spent almost 600 dollars for a conference and most of the agents I got a card from said no once I sent the manuscript. I only have one agent left and it’s been 2 months since she hasn’t gotten back. And by December it’ll be 3 months and once that happens I have to e-mail her back to remind her. But it’s not that I waited for three months, it’s the fact that I wasn’t a regular person who queried, I was given a card and I THINK I should’ve gotten an answer. I’m not mad or upset just in this road where I have to either keep walking or turn back but I’ve gotten this far already. So I’m just standing. I did pull up a list of agents before the conference and I think it’s time I query them.  But I’m waiting on my peers to tell me where I went wrong but there’s no response from them so I’m just going to keep editing every sentence. I’m also just nervous what if they all say no. What then? I’ve done a lot of revisions and some still say I’m rushing. This summer will be 5 years making and editing The GCP. How long do I have to wait to see that the GCP is complete? I know when it’s done and I believe it’s done so how am I rushing? Or how long it takes for someone to read 12 pages. But I don’t want to seem impatient. I guess I was wrong on to write what this blog “Frantzlife” is about. Because this blog I believe now is about my journey and not about writing or advice. Right now there isn’t anybody reading these but read these texts and remember Nothing in life that’s out of the ordinary is easy to achieve. I spent nights and sacrifice days and nights on the GCP and day dream when I took a shower, I jogged and thought of the GCP, and I dreamed of the GCP, I listened to every time of music on thought of the GCP and every idea I put into my story. I watched the skills and style change in this story in 4 years. Now it’s perfected from my revisions. I can honestly say I’ve done everything in power to make the story the best I can envision it. Every single idea that came to mind I thought it through and if others can’t see it or not enough then their just blind in all respect. I love the GCP with all my heart and I couldn’t be proud of myself. I remember thinking of this idea after reading the series of the hunger games in the summer of 2012. I told myself it was impossible for me to make such a story but in a matter of tears I made a story that was impossible for me at first. I actually made a better story than I envision. But like I said if someone come around this post, the road is hard and this isn’t me quitting just me stopping on this journey and reflecting on things. I’m going to stay up all night tonight to make a cover for the “last hope” and make the first or two chapters and upload it on Wattpad. I never had the chance because I had to focus on college and maintain good grades and work to help my family pay the bills. This is part of my life, Frantzlife. I want to say more but this isn’t my journal even though I don’t own one. But Writers and dreamers alike keep fighting for what you dream for. Your dreams aren’t just dreams it’s what you have to reach for and make reality. Love you all whoever stumble upon this in the future. It’s 12:16 am and this is when my creativeness comes alive so I’m going to eat my thanksgiving food then start working on making my dreams come true. Love you all:)

School is back

School is back in session which means I’m going to get busier. I’m majoring in Communication so there’s a lot going there. My professor in my western history class told me to not make the same mistake he did and to search for jobs as if we graduated from college already. So I did and I can’t believe how hard it is. Every job regarding to writing requires 2-5 years of experience. So now I’m thinking internship because it’s hard out there and he told me “A degree is nothing but a piece of paper.” And I believe it now, but don’t get me wrong college is still important because it’s a requirement for majority of precessional jobs out there.

Now regards towards The GCP. My story is at 67,000 words with the new edits and revisions it should be at 70,000. This is kinda low for fantasy but my novel is also Young Adult. I don’t what the agents will say but I did everything possible to extend my word count without boring the story and putting unnecessary scenes that won’t move the plot forward.

Update on what’s going on

So…right now I’m lying in bed when I should be going out for my work out. School is about to start and I don’t hate it because it’s college but it’s annoying because I have to be reminded of the real world. But back to writing. The Writer’s conference went well. I kept falling asleep and not because it was boring. It was because for the past 3-4 days I was working on four hours of sleep everyday. I was literally sleeping while I was eating at the expensive stores in New York. I was even sleeping on the subway train and sleeping during the conference and may I remind you it’s freezing cold inside there. I had a latte and a five hour energy drink which did nothing. But to cut to the chase agents loved The GCP and told me to revise some things before sending it to them. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past few days and my friend wants to make short films which will slow down my process but he says will build my base. Who knows but yeah… Until next time see ya
Oh here’s alittle something to look at ­čÖé

Writer’s Digest Conference 2016

So I attended the first day at WDC. Now what can I say… Well I loved it. Everyone was welcoming and really nice. I was given a badge and a bag which I wasn’t expecting. Inside the bag were notebooks which I used to take down important notes. One thing that caught me off guard was how cold it was inside. Now that I experience the temperature inside the hotel I will be wearing long sleeve shirts. I’ve made some new friends during the Orientation 101 session. Networking wasn’t an issue with me. Although, I’m contemplating on whether I should get these business cards. It’s obvious it’s a must but the business cards I want looks amazing and the business cards that usually takes an hour or two at Office Depot are ordinary and won’t stand out. And me being from Jersey it’s hard finding a Office Depot in New York when the sessions in WDC are running almost all day. I know you probably think I complain a lot but I just want to share with any Writer’s out there that it’s normal to struggle and it’s expected. The writing industry isn’t all perfect and easy as you think. It’s currently 6:01 am and I gotta get ready to catch the train to WDC. So don’t think your alone in deciding what’s best for you because I’m also struggling with finishing my manuscript, probably getting business cards, possibly deciding what Agents to query, deciding to quit my job and take the risk of interning at a agency or publishing house. I don’t have much time but I’ll show you what I wanted my business card to look like because it stood out but it would take forever to produce which would be a waste of money. Until then I wish you all the best and Happy Friday!


I took some pictures hopefully you enjoy.